AIP announces new prize categories


Nominations are now open for the 2017 Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP). In its sixth year, the total prize amount has been increased to up to $3 million and will be awarded through three categories: 1) $1 million awarded to one team; 2) up to $500,00 awarded to up to four teams; and 3) up to $100,000 for up to seven youth teams. Nominations will be accepted until October 23, 2017.

“The growth of the AIP is a testament to the remarkable innovative thinking and ideas that remain across the Arctic, and this year’s changes and improvements will benefit more projects and regions,” says Kevin Kablutsiak, Executive Director of AIP.

Potential AIP projects include those that address opportunities or challenges that are relevant and important to the people and communities in Canada’s Arctic. A project can have one or more focus areas including, but not limited to, education, training, health and wellness, environment and climate change, recreation, tourism, culture and economic development.

AIP’s $1 million prize will be awarded to only one exceptional team, for a project that will lead to an immediate and long-term impact across a large geographical area or a profound impact in a smaller Northern area. For the other two prize levels, smaller scale projects are encouraged as much as larger ones. The scale of a project will not influence selection as the AIP is awarded on merit and potential impact.

Teams that are unsure about their team’s and/or project’s eligibility have the option of submitting a Letter of Intent. The submission deadline for the optional Letter of Intent is June 30, 2017. Teams need to be nominated by arms-length third parties and have to be diverse in nature. Teams are encouraged to choose an official AIP Ambassador as its Nominator; however, anyone may act as a Nominator for a team they see as worthy of the AIP. More information about the AIP, the Nomination process and the new prize categories are available on the AIP website at

The AIP was founded in 2012 by two immigrants, Arnold Witzig and Sima Sharifi. The Arctic Inspiration Prize Selection Committee is composed of distinguished individuals known for their commitment to Canada’s Arctic and its peoples. Committee members from North and South, represent aboriginal and non-aboriginal organizations, the private sector, media as well as the scientific community.