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Serving the North

Working on one of Nunavik Creations at the Inukjuak workshop. © NCI / Simon Nomis

Promoting northern arts and crafts and helping communities

The North is full of talented people…people who create art to celebrate the Inuit culture, share their traditions and develop economic opportunities. First Air is proud to partner with a number of valued and creative artists from different communities in the North by offering a sample of their hard work as part of the Gear-up Buy On Board program.

Northern Fashions

Nunavik Creations

© Nunavik Creations (2)
© Nunavik Creations (2)

Nunavik Creations was created to expand economic opportunities and produce products that reflect the culture, crafts and traditions of Inuit to the outside world. Nunavik Creations values deep-rooted Inuit traditions and maintains high quality standards passed down from Inuit ancestors in the quality of materials and the use of natural resources while adapting to today’s world of social, environment, and political changes.

Rannva Simonsen

© Rannva Simonsen
© Rannva Simonsen

SEWING FOR SURVIVAL is a RANNVA Socio-economic Company Program that assists women of the Arctic in improving their quality of life by offering employment in the creative use of their traditional sewing skills. They take pride in creating unique designs inspired by their cultural heritage and in producing quality products. All items are handmade. Materials include: wool duffel, leather, sealskin, beads, bone and antler. Some are decorated with colourful hand embroidery. Rannva Simonsen is an architect/designer with a passion for high quality fur clothing. She began designing fur fashions in 1999. Rannva lives in Apex (a subdivision of Iqaluit), Nunavut. Her work also often brings her to other parts of North America, overseas, and back to her native Faroe Islands. Rannva’s work is widely distributed throughout Canada as well as in the U.S., Greenland, denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Korea and Japan.

Northern Music

Tanya Tagaq

community_SO_4Tanya Tagaq is an Inuk throat singer, songwriter and artist from Cambridge Bay Nunavut. She began practicing throat singing in high school in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. She studied visual arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and design. She has developed her own solo form of Inuit throat singing.

The Jerry Cans

community_SO_5The Jerry Cans create music inspired by their hometown Iqaluit, Nunavut. With their unique mix of Inuktitut alt-country, throat singing, and reggae, they are truly a one of a kind group and distinctly northern. The band performs many of their songs in Inuktitut and is passionate about preserving the language. Their music evokes the contemporary North and the spirited people who reside there, inspiring both elders and youth to dance to their high-energy tunes.

Books with Northern themes

The Right to be Cold

community_SO_6The Right to be Cold is a story of resilience, commitment, and survival. It was written by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and one of the world’s most recognized environmental and human rights advocates.

Sweetest Kulu

community_SO_7Sweetest Kulu is a beautiful bedtime poem, written by acclaimed Inuit throat singer Celina Kalluk. It describes the gifts given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic.

First Air is recognized in the aviation business with innovation and operational expertise in remote regions and in unusual or especially taxing environments. Their service-based approach and extensive northern experience, along with their social responsibility efforts, continue to demonstrate leadership in northern transportation services. These on board offerings are another way First Air continues to provide a full Northern service to passengers travelling for business or pleasure.