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The North: Blending two cultures

Early fall. With climate change, the predictability of ice break-up or freeze-up is harder by the year. Here, a typical hunting canoe was caught by early fall ice that up-ended it one night and flooded the stern, leaving it going nowhere.

The North is always full of surprises, especially the juxtapositions of southern and northern practices and technology. All reflect the changing North, not only in the climate but the blending of two cultures with the Inuit’s transition between their on-the-land traditions and the new influences from the South.

Nick Newbery taught in several communities in Nunavut from 1976-2005. He would like to acknowledge the assistance he received for this article from Bert Rose, northern educator and long-time resident of Nunavut. The photos in this article are from Nick’s Arctic photo collection that can be found at www.newberyphotoarchives.ca and should be viewed from a historical perspective.