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Born to Ice


Paul Nicklen TeNeues Publishing October 2018

Paul Nicklen, acclaimed National Geographic photographer and ocean conservationist, compiles his most powerful images of iconic Arctic wildlife and scenery in his new book, Born to Ice. Nicklen’s images, coupled with his inspiring photographic storytelling, blend the ethereal beauty of the icy landscape with a compelling call to action. Selecting his most evocative and thought-provoking imagery, Nicklen takes you deep into a world he loves. In a wise intertwining of art and science, Nicklen’s bold expeditions plunge him into freezing seas to capture it all, from sea to sky, all species and all habitats, including unprecedented, up-close documentation of the lives of leopard seals, whales, walruses, polar bears, elephant seals, penguins, and narwhals. Bathed in polar light, Nicklen’s photography breaks new ground, offering a vivid, timely portrait of two extraordinary, endangered ecosystems.