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Cold Refuge


By August of 1944 Germany has all but lost the Battle of the Atlantic, and its submarine wolfpacks are scattered and fighting for their own survival. Meanwhile, one U-boat is on a special mission to Canada’s eastern Arctic. Having survived a Canadian bomber attack, U-807 services an unmanned German weather station in northern Labrador before carrying out a stealthy reconnaissance of an American airbase under construction on Baffin Island. Detected, the boat escapes from attacking enemy warships and aircraft by diving under ice into Hudson Strait and playing dead. To avoid the steel gauntlet forming behind them and to raid a known fuel cache, the boat risks heading further north into shallow, ice-choked Foxe Basin. A German scouting team stumbles upon two young Inuit, a brother and sister. They are captured and taken onto the boat. Love blooms between Soldier, the onboard commando, and the beautiful Sila. An unconventional war story transforms into a cross-cultural survival tale where hope, despair, tragedy, and new beginnings are found within the frigid hull of what the Inuit siblings call the aqqaumasuuq.