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Marine Fishes of Arctic Canada


With the dramatic pace of change in the climate and ecosystems of the Arctic, comes the critical need for science that documents the state of those ecosystems. Now, the first definitive reference to fishes in Canada’s Arctic marine ecosystems provides just such a benchmark. The authors document 221 species of fishes found in the Eastern and Western Arctic, along the coasts, and up to the most northern reaches of Canada’s Arctic Ocean. Marine Fishes of Arctic Canada is the culmination of decades of scientific research to collect specimens, compile data, and collate records about these fishes. The book covers the history of Arctic fish research, fish habitats, Arctic climate, fisheries, fish structure, the collection and preservation of fishes and traditional ecological knowledge. Each family is presented with a general account followed by species descriptions comprising the common name, taxonomy, physical description and identification. English and French names are provided for each species, with Inuktitut names where applicable. Black-and-white drawings as well as numerous photos and illustrations are included, as well as new range maps documenting known species distributions as confirmed geographic points across Arctic Canada. Coad and Reist drew on the expertise of 10 other researchers to complete the scientific documentation for the book. Collections in natural history museums in Canada, Europe and the United States were also consulted for the book.