Moccasin Square Gardens


The characters of Moccasin Square Gardens inhabit Denendeh, the land of the people north of the 60th parallel. These short stories are filled with in-laws, outlaws and common-laws, shamans and time-travelling goddess warriors, pop-culture-obsessed pencil pushers, archivists and men who just need to grow up, all seeking some form of connection. Get ready for illegal wrest ling moves, pinky promises, a doctored casino, extraterrestrials, love, lust and prayers for peace. While this is Van Camp’s most hilarious short story collection, it’s also haunted by the lurking presence of the Wheetago, human-devouring monsters of legend that have returned due to global warming and the greed of humanity. To counteract this darkness, Van Camp weaves a funny and loving portrayal of the Tłįcho¸ Dene and other communities of the North, drawing from oral history techniques to perfectly capture the character and texture of everyday small-town life.