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Never A Dull Moment


Forty Years in Education in Canada’s North (and in a few other places)

Nick Newbery
April 2019

This autobiography by Nick Newbery provides a unique and interesting perspective on the events he experienced in Canada’s Eastern Arctic starting in 1976. Newbery was the official Nunavut government photographer during the creation of the territory in 1999 and he spent 30 years living in small Inuit communities. His critique of the northern education system makes for original and interesting reading. Now living in Nova Scotia, he has taught courses on Nunavut for many years at Mount St. Vincent University and has developed a successful bursary program to enable southern students interested in teaching in the North to do part of their practicums on Baffin Island.

His conversational, easy-flowing writing style, enhanced by photographs, poetry, anecdotes and humour, makes for thoughtful and entertaining reading, particularly his insights into the rapidly changing world of Inuit and the situation facing its young people today.

The book can be obtained from Arctic Ventures Market Place in Iqaluit, Nunavut. To have a copy shipped, contact nicknewbery@eastlink.ca.