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Author Kerry McCluskey has spent the last five years running the Mamaqtuq Cooking Club at Nanook elementary school in Apex, Nunavut. Niam! — yum in Inuktitut — is the cookbook inspired by the Club. From simple smoothies to jerk chicken to pizza from scratch, there is something in this book for all taste buds and skill sets. All the ingredients are readily available in Nunavut communities, and all recipes can be made with country food, so kids can learn how to create the perfect palaugo (a delightful hybrid of pogos and palaugaaq, traditional Inuit bannock) or make a mean meatball. This cookbook isn’t just about simple, delicious, kid‐friendly recipes. It includes ways to use cooking to give back to the community, traditional Inuit knowledge about country food, and lists skills kids will develop as they work their way through each recipe. Niam! can be found at Arctic Ventures and Malikkaat in Iqaluit, Nunavut, or online through Amazon and Inhabit Media.