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Spirit of the North


Cocktail Recipes and Stories from Scandinavia

Selma Slabiak
December 2018

Author Selma Slabiak shares personal stories and anecdotes from growing up in Denmark and relays rich Nordic traditions and mythology that inspire and inform her original recipe creations in this delicious, and original recipe book of Nordic-based cocktails. Spirit of the North includes over 30 recipes for an enticing and creative array of artisanal cocktails, mixed drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and special snacks, utilizing seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients for all seasons and occasions. It Includes instructive and helpful sidebars on foraging and pickling ingredients.

Slabiak celebrates her Danish heritage by incorporating joyous Scandinavian life philosophies such as hygge (‘cozy contentment’), lagom (‘finding balance’), friluftstliv (‘appreciation and engagement of nature and the outdoors’), and fika (‘coffee break’), amongst others in one multifaceted book.