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The Kuujjuaq Christmas Candy Drop


“In Inuit lands, where cold Arctic winds blow, Where there are few trees and great rivers flow, A courageous young boy they called Johnny May”

… is the inspiration for this children’s book based on the life of Johnny May, pilot and owner of Johnny May Charters in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik. With beautiful colour illustrations, this book outlines the life of Johnny May as he becomes a pilot in Northern Quebec, delivering supplies, patients, fuel, equipment, food and mail. Flying more hours than most pilots, Johnny May has become a legend in his hometown and an inspiration to many young pilots over the years. Dedicated to the children of Nunavik and all other northern communities, The Kuujjuaq Christmas Candy Drop celebrates Johnny and the Inuit and personal traditions he loves to share. A Lexicon is also included at the back of the book with common words from the story in Inuktitut and syllabics.