The Qaggiq Model: Toward a Theory of Inuktut Knowledge Renewal


A qaggiq, or large com­munal iglu, is a place of community renewal and celebration. The Qaggiq process has always been used to share news and knowledge, and to enjoy feasts and friendly skill-building competitions. They are also forums for community justice and healing work.

In The Qaggiq Model, Janet Tamalik McGrath considers how the structure and symbolism of the qaggiq can be used to understand Inuit-centred methodologies toward enhanced well-being in Inuit communities. Drawing on interviews with the late philosopher and Inuk elder Mariano Aupilarjuk, along with her own life-long experiences, McGrath bridges Inuktut and Western academic ways of knowing. It is through an understanding of Inuktut knowledge renewal, McGrath argues, that the impacts of colonialism and capitalism can be more effectively critiqued in Inuit Nunangat.