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Ukkusiksalik: The People’s Story

David F. Pelly Dundurn Press, January 2016


Ukkusiksalik (Wager Bay) in Nunavut is a national park, established to preserve a beautiful and historic piece of wilderness. In earlier times, it was the principal hunting ground for several Inuit families in a landscape crisscrossed by explorers, whalers, missionaries, Mounties, and traders. Since the 1980s, David F. Pelly has been exploring and documenting Inuit traditional knowledge of this region on foot, by seakayak and with Inuit companions. In this book, Pelly weaves together stories from Inuit elders with historical accounts to provide the complete history of Ukkusiksalik. The reader sees a new way of seeing the world through the oral traditions of telling stories through the generations for centuries.