Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Toonik Tyme

Arctic Fibres

Dog Teams

Mining makes it happen

Innovators of Tomorrow

Campers at Actua’s Health Careers Camp analyze real x-rays of the human body, listen to a baby’s heartbeat and remove plaque from realistic teeth moulds with genuine dental instruments. During this weeklong, hands-on experience, the children are not just roleplaying, they is starting to think about their own career in health sciences.

A Long Hot Summer

A Long Hot Summer is the “working title” for a future big screen feature film being produced and directed by wildlife cinematographer and Arctic environmentalist Adam Ravetch and his company, Arctic Bear Productions. The final product, I expect, is going to be a feel-good, Disney-style cinematic treatment featuring a lone young polar bear.

Cape Dorset’s Unceasing Creative Evolution

If you find yourself in Winnipeg between now and April 8, 2012, be sure to take in the glowing exhibit, New Art from Cape Dorset at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Pieced together by Inuit Art Curator Darlene Coward Wight, the show turns the spotlight on two of Cape Dorset’s promising and prolific young artists, Ningeokuluk Teevee and Tim Pitsiulak.

Fossils at Risk

Fifty million years ago, Ellesmere Island was totally different and the proof lies in its fossils. In 1975, American palaeontologists Mary Dawson and Robert West found the fossil remains of primitive alligator, fish, turtle and mammals on Ellesmere Island. Their discovery proved that millions of years ago, the climate of the far North had been warm.

Northern Students Prepare Royal Feast

Some things you can never predict, like flash floods or winning the lottery — or being asked to cook for the Royal Couple. But that’s exactly what happened in late May when two northern teenagers were asked to go to Ottawa to “cook a special dinner.” No details of whom they’d be cooking for or where the meal would take place were revealed.

New polar mosque

Northern Canada’s growing Muslim communities recently completed an ambitious construction project in order to build the first mosque (masjid) above the Arctic Circle. The plan entailed the purchase and transport of a 473-square-metre structure (delivered in two sections and prefabricated in Winnipeg, Manitoba) across western Canada and the North by tractor-trailer truck and barge.

The Ulukhaktok Arts Renewal

It was a five year journey, but in January 2011, a small group of NWT MLAs, dignitaries, and representatives from the Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation (BDIC) arrived in the community to celebrate a momentous occasion.


Yellowknife’s Rotary 64 members are part of the 1.3 million members belonging to some 33,000 clubs around the world.

Inuvik’s Razzamajazz!

Northern Jazz Group Entertains Elders It was a delightfully crispy evening in the Inuvik Community Greenhouse when the five members of a certain Northern jazz...

Urban Inuit Children Venture Out

Ottawa’s Inuit Children’s Centre Launches Outdoor Education Program Above & Beyond | January/February 2011  | by Ree Brennin Traditionally, Inuit children learned about themselves and...