Thursday, October 18, 2018

Inuit Circumpolar Celebration

ICC Canada President Duane Smith speaks during the 2010 ICC General Assembly in Nuuk, Greenland, against a background of flags representing the host country,...
Inuit Forum

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The Anik satellite, launched in 1971, opened the Arctic to modern telecommunications. Much of the Arctic is still served by satellites. Disruption to the...
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Canada’s seal hunt: polls apart

By Terry Audla It’s hard to read a newspaper without being struck by the results of some new poll telling us which party would form...

Inuit knowledge is not a footnote to “real” science

By Terry Audla As some of you might know, I sit on the Board of Directors of ArcticNet, which, in just under 10 years, has...

Strength in numbers

Inuit have worked steadily over many decades to achieve and maintain unity among our people.

Ode to George

Marking the 250th anniversary of the King’s pronouncement.

Spirit and intent

By Terry Audla It gets lonely sometimes,” Nellie Cournoyea said in 2009 during a grand celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement...

Big night in Bangkok

By Terry Audla We were in Thailand — several hundred politicians, bureaucrats and scientists from all over the world, sitting at long tables in the...

My conversation with Ezra

Levant championed the freedom to hunt, crying, “Fight them with facts!”

Pleased to meet you. My name is Terry.

To most people, I am just Terry. I am a descendant of High Arctic Exiles, relocated from Inukjuak. I grew up in Resolute Bay during the oil and gas boom.