Monday, September 9, 2019

Species Under Threat and of Special Concern

Not as dramatic an announcement as some environmentally conscious persons might have wished, but certainly heartening news for all those who continue to warn...

Four Organizations Share Arctic Inspiration Prize

The first (annual) Arctic Inspiration Prize of one million dollars made possible by a generous endowment from the S. and A. Inspiration Foundation (co-founders...

Camel bones found North

Ellesmere Island, the fossil-rich area of Canada’s High Arctic, has yielded yet another treasure. Thirty small fragments collected by palaeobiologist Natalia Rybczynski have turned...

Tuinnaq Kanayuk Bruce, 1925-2012

The Kivalliq has lost a treasure. But her legacy will be cherished forever.

The challenge of abundance

The snow goose population is showing few meaningful signs of slowing down.

Operation Northern Reach trains in the NWT

Royal Canadian Air Force took to the skies over the Western Arctic.

Celebrating Local Flavour

Northern country food is drawing wider attention as people increasingly recognize the health, economic and cultural benefits that come along with a localized diet.

People of a Feather

For seven winters, researcher Joel Heath filmed and worked closely with the people of Sanikiluaq to develop an understanding of how the community was adapting in the face of significant changes.

Kiatainaq wins sixth Ivakkak Cup

Peter Kiatainaq celebrates a victory in the Ivakkak 2012 dog sled race for the sixth time in nine years. The race sees Inuit participants brave the elements on a 650 km trip.

NWT Judo Athlete Goes to Japan

Gabrielle Desforges spent 11 days in Japan, the birthplace of Judo, enrolled in a training trip with nine other senior Canadian female judokas.