Qaummaarviit Territorial Park

    An aerial view of the Park. © Nick Newbery/ Government of Nunavut (5)

    Qaummaarviit, ‘The Place That Shines,’ was a traditional campsite for northern peoples over many centuries due to the presence at one time or other of animals such as whales, seals, caribou, fish, foxes and Arctic hares. It is one of many such sites situated on the numerous points of land that form part of the northern end of Frobisher Bay.

    Qaummaarviit still contains inuksuit, 11 semi-buried winter qarmait (sodhouse) remains and summer tent rings (dating back to the Thule people of the 1200s), as well as surface mica which was mined in the early 20th century. Nowadays, due to its proximity to Iqaluit, the Park is still a popular destination for hunters as well as for visitors and students who want to learn how earlier Arctic people used to live.