Yellowknife’s Snow Carving Competition goes local


    2021 marked a departure from the usual Yellowknife Snow Carving Competition’s last six years. Previously, through sponsorships, elite teams were invited from across Canada, and other countries, to travel to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, to carve what is arguably the best snow in the world — clean, firm, and easy to shape. (No prize money was awarded. The draw to create in Yellowknife was all that lured them.)

    With COVID-19, only local Teams could be invited. Event organizers were thrilled with the level of skill and creativity shown by local talent. From March 5 to 14, eight teams worked their snowy magic five hours a day carving large blocks of formed snow (approximately 8’ x 8’ x 8’ cubes) into beautiful art on Yellowknife Bay. 

    The top three Teams in the Competition were. 

    1st Place: Team McKalfitznaycords: Sarah Kalnay-Watson, Byron Fitzky, Ryan McCord — a Harry Potter themed work. 

    2nd Place: Team Tall Taniwha: Kris Schlagintweit, Niki McKenzie, Cat McGurk, Laura Bain — a heroic kayaker battles a sea monster. 

    3rd Place: Team Jedi: John Sabourin, Derrald Taylor, Eli Nasogaluak — an elegant moon princess holds a star in her hand. 

    Teams shared a cash purse as reward for their days creating in the frozen garden. 

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