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Bringing ice age animals to life

Artifacts from archaeological sites in the Foxe Basin on display in the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages exhibit, in Ottawa. The exhibit will travel to other venues in Canada and the United States in the new year. © M. Lipman, Canadian Museum of Nature

Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages opened its world‐premiere special exhibition October 2, 2020 at the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN). It will run until January 3, 2021. 

The Planet Ice exhibit features five themed zones that delve into history to show how cold and ice have shaped humans and the world around them. It includes material about climate change and the Arctic, as well as the first‐time exhibition of Thule‐Dorset tools and artifacts excavated from the Igloolik, Nunavut, area. 

It covers 80,000 years of the Earth’s history, showing animals adapted for cold — some long extinct (mammoth, giant beaver), others still alive today (caribou, musk oxen). Discover the lands lost long ago under the world’s oceans. All presented through 120 specimens, artifacts and models, complemented by interactives and multimedia. 

Thanks to an exciting collaboration with Montreal’s Moment Factory, visitors can bring extinct animals, such as the woolly mammoth and American lion to life. Incorporating touchless multimedia technology, both installations immerse visitors in digital winter environments, while intuitive body movements control the visuals and soundscapes. 

Planet Ice partners include Polar Knowledge Canada, Hatch and Enbridge. 

Tickets are available online at: https://nature.ca/tickets.