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Celebrating Inuit fashion


Inuk Style opened September 25, 2020 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and highlights Inuit fashion designers while looking at stylish accessories and jewellery from generations past. 

In celebration of the next generation of Inuit designers, this exhibition presents a selection of fashionable accessories and jewelry handcrafted with delicate care and precision using sewing skills passed down through many generations. From the beaded fringes on amautiit, to carved caribou antler beads, to ivory hair combs and pins, Inuit have put much of their own identity into these wearable works of art. 

Drawn from the collections of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Government of Nunavut’s Fine Art Collection, Inuk Style presents a dynamic range of clothing items spanning the Western to the Eastern regions of the Canadian Arctic. 

Running until April 28, 2021, check it out at www.wag.ca

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