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Diesel fuel alternative to be assessed

A view up the meteorological tower installed in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, showing the 40m, 50m, and 60m sensor booms. © Patrick Gall, Aurora College

Aurora College’s research division, Aurora Research Institute (ARI), has been awarded $170,375 through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s College-Industry Innovation Fund to conduct wind assessment research with a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) wind monitoring unit.

LiDAR technology is ideal for use in remote and northern locations as it is mobile and can be deployed more quickly and at less cost than the wind towers traditionally used for site assessment studies.

Wind energy holds a great deal of promise as a more economical and environmentally friendly electricity-generating option than the current diesel-powered generation plants in remote communities across the Northwest Territories and much of northern Canada. This investment will help to further understand the benefits of using LiDAR technology for wind studies in remote and northern conditions.