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Ensuring safe marine transportation in the Arctic

Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers, like the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent shown here, will see extended service as part of the new Oceans Protection Plan.© Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The Arctic will receive improvements to marine safety over five years starting in 2017 due to Canada’s new $1.5 billion Oceans Protections Plan, unveiled in November.

The plan includes:

  • increased protection from oil spills and other marine emergencies;
  • making Arctic resupply operations faster, safer and more efficient for communities;
  • extending the service season of the Canadian Coast Guard’s icebreakers presence in the Arctic;
  • the creation of a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary;
  • creating new seasonal rescue boat stations to improve northern search and rescue capacity and a seasonal inshore rescue boat station in the Arctic, including eight new community response boats; research into the impacts of increased shipping on marine ecosystems; and
  • improved marine traffic and navigation information for mariners, Indigenous people, and coastal communities.