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Explore mysteries of lost ships in new exhibit

A section of the ship’s wheel recovered from HMS Erebus, September 2015. © Parks Canada, 89M100A1-2

In May 1845, Sir John Franklin set sail from Britain in command of the most ambitious Northwest Passage expedition ever initiated by the Royal Navy. The Expedition’s two ships, Terror and Erebus, and 129 men never returned. Now, 173 years later, the Canadian Museum of History invites visitors to explore one of history’s most enduring mysteries in the new exhibition, Death in the Ice – The Mystery of the Franklin Expedition, presented until September 30, 2018.

Through historical artifacts and Inuit oral histories, Death in the Ice provides the most comprehensive account to date of Franklin’s final voyage and brings together more than 200 objects among others from the collections of the Canadian Museum of History and the National Maritime Museum in Britain.

The exhibition high­lights an array of Inuit artifacts and interviews, which introduce visitors to the critical role Inuit continue to play in solving the Franklin mystery. The exhibition was developed by the Canadian Museum of History in partnership with Parks Canada and the National Maritime Museum, and in collaboration with the Government of Nunavut and the Inuit Heritage Trust.