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Learning resource showcases Canadian wildlife migrations


Environmental awareness and geographic literacy are combined in new wild migration giant floor maps created by the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Canadian Geographic.

Each of the three Wild Migration giant floor maps of North, Central and South America showcase the international migratory routes of 20 species currently listed as at-risk in Canada, including northern species such as the polar bear. Measuring roughly half the size of a school gymnasium, the heavy-duty vinyl floor maps are a free resource offered to teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The maps come with a guide featuring 10 curriculum-linked activities and supplies to create a fun and interactive experience for all ages.

To book the map for a school or community, contact Melissa Lefebvre at 1-877-599-5777, ext 277.

TEK working group established

The Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) commends the representatives of the Polar Bear Range States for the establishment of a Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) working group. This group will establish guidelines for the inclusion of TEK in polar bear management decisions.

The Range States have also agreed on a 10-year Circumpolar Action Plan that will work with Inuit knowledge holders to conserve polar bears and ensure responsible harvest management systems are developed to sustain polar bear sub populations and allow Inuit to continue to harvest polar bears to meet cultural and subsistence resources needs.

ICC represents the international interests of more than 160,000 Inuit from Russia (Chukotka), the U.S. (Alaska), northern Canada and Greenland.