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Live performance revitalizes string games

Tauvigjuaq performers, under the artistic direction of Project Leader Jacky Qrunnut and Alex Arnatsiaq: Jimmy Qamukaq, Ashley Akittirq, Edith Auksaq, Maya Cook, Neil Akittirq, Kunuk Anguratsiaq, Jane Tapatsiaq, Dylon Kayotak, Bernadette Uttak, Sabeshton Jr. Natar, and Alexa Ivalu. © Alex Arnatsiaq

 In mid November, Artcirq performed Tauvigjuaq (The Great Darkness) in the streets of Igloolik, Nunavut, on the day that marked the departure of the sun. Traditionally, the great darkness period, Tauvigjuaq, was associated with taboos. Inuit string games (popular in every igloo) were forbidden and old strings had to be cut, until the return of the sun in mid January for a new cycle of life. 

Artcirq kept this tradition alive with 10 artists and a large rope representing 10 fingers and a string. Music to accompany the performance was played on the local radio station. 

Artcirq wishes to thank Canadian North for their ongoing support through the years. 

Artcirq performers present an enlarged version of Inuit string games in the streets of Igloolik, Nunavut. © Alex Arnatsiaq