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Made by Inuit TV for Inuit coming to Nunavut

Besides its own programming, Inuit TV would broadcast shows by the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, such as Takuginai. The Takuginai crew, L to R: Kabla (baby in amauti), Oloota, Janet Evic, Ul Uakalla, Greenie, Ippiksaut Friesen, Cynthia Pitsiulak, Kuku, Pilot Biscuit Monster, Malaiya, Issaci, Michael Ipeelie, Pukki, Jacket Monster, Johnny. © Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

An educational Inuktut TV channel is in the works for Nunavut that would broadcast shows by the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, as well as produce its own programming. Called Inuit TV, the aim is to create and broadcast Inuit‐created educational television programming in Inuktut dialects across the circumpolar North. Inuit TV will partner with Inuit, anywhere in the Inuit circumpolar North, to tell stories about the land, culture, and language. The network will be a place for Inuit filmmakers to show their work. 

The station’s goal is to strengthen Inuktut, Inuit culture and identity and access to information in Inuktut, the majority language of the territory. Many Inuit homes don’t have computers or good internet access. This new network will fill that void. 

Alethea Arnaquq‐Baril, president of the new Inuit TV Network, plans to launch the Inuktut‐language station some time this year. They’ve filed paperwork with the Canadian Radio‐ television and Telecommunications Commission. The Inuit TV Network is planning occasional programming for this year and full‐time programming in 2021. 

The channel will likely air on a conventional television station in Nunavut. It would also have a channel on Isuma.tv, a Nunavut‐based website for Indigenous media art. 

The network is being funded by $2.4 million over the next three years from the Nunavut Tunngavik Foundation — a charity of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the organization that represents Inuit in the territory. 

First‐time filmmakers can access funding through organizations such as the Nunavut Film Development Corp. 

Inuit TV has a board member in each region.