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Managing the North’s caribou

Caribou hunting moratorium in Nunavut

Nunavut government’s interim moratorium on hunting caribou on and around Baffin Island, which took effect January 1, will help give the Baffin Island caribou population time to recover. The Wildlife board will hold hearings March 11 and 12 on a caribou management plan. Until further notice, hunting caribou on Baffin Island could result in fines and charges for illegal hunting.

Nunavut’s environment department will move ahead with a project to collar caribou in the Dolphin and Union herd around Cambridge Bay in April 2015. The three-year collaring project is intended to collect new information on the population numbers of the caribou, their migrations and their habitat.

The GNWT territorial government has set up a no-hunting zone to protect the Bathurst caribou herd and is tracking the herd’s core with collars and will put out weekly updates on the location of the protected zone.

The government will allow hunting of 15 Bathurst bulls for community ceremonial harvests but aboriginal groups have to apply to the government beforehand. Hunting of the Bluenose East caribou herd is limited to 1,500. These measures will be reviewed after aerial surveys of the Bathurst herd and the Bluenose East herd are conducted this spring.

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