Mural artist Kailey Sheppard with her artwork: Mosaic Sea, paint on wood. © Winnipeg Art Gallery

As part of the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) Inuit Art Centre construction project, a wood structure has been installed to protect part of the sidewalk on Memorial Blvd, in front of the Gallery. Included on the pedestrian walkway is an outdoor art installation created by Kailey Sheppard from Winkler, Manitoba, an emerging artist of Inuit descent.

Sheppard is a self-taught artist and was mentored in creating the mural in collaboration with Pat Lazo, Artistic Director from Graffiti Art Programming, and the Synonym Art Consultation as part of the 2018 Wall-to-Wall Mural + Culture Festival.

“This work was created by putting Inuit style imagery together through a collage-based process. I see the process of layering the imagery as a metaphor for the building of self, as I add and shed layers to my life through time,” Sheppard states,

The project is reflective of the vision for the WAG Inuit Art Centre, to open in 2020, to connect Canada’s North and South through art, featuring programs that will train arts and heritage workers. Visit