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Outdoor displays celebrate inaugural opening of Qaumajuq


In celebration of the late‐March 2021 opening of Qaumajuq, the Inuit Art Centre, the public is invited to come view outdoor projections of contemporary Inuit artwork and imagery on the exterior of the two connected Winnipeg Art Gallery(WAG)‐Qaumajuq buildings. The display can be viewed from the street on Memorial Boulevard and St. Mary Avenue in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, and will play on a loop every half hour between 6 and 10 pm, Fridays and Saturdays until March 27. 

The 20‐minute projection display, curated by Jocelyn Piirainen, WAG Assistant Curator of Inuit Art, consists of work by Glenn Gear and Zacharias Kunuk, Inuit artists featured in Qaumajuq’s inaugural exhibition INUA, as well as Northern footage made possible through partnerships with Destination Nunavut, Travel Manitoba, and the National Film Board of Canada. Inuk multimedia artist Geronimo Inutiq has provided a dynamic soundscape throughout the display. 

While taking in the projections, the public can also enjoy two newly unveiled outdoor sculptures Tuniigusiia/The Gift by Goota Ashoona and Time to Play by Abraham Anghik Ruben, and peek inside Qaumajuq’s glass entrance to thousands of Inuit carvings in the stunning Visible Vault. 

Inuit artist Goota Ashoona’s artwork was commissioned by the Manitoba Teachers’ Society “to honour teachers all around us—in the land and in our lives—who reveal the truth, wisdom and beauty that connect us all”. The multi‐faceted sculpture reflects knowledge transfer through education and storytelling, and the important role teachers play in our communities. The sculpture includes references to the Sedna legend (a powerful story about a woman who turns into a mermaid when she doesn’t want to marry when her parents want her to) and shows a mother and daughter. Watch this video to learn more about the sculpture and the artist: https://youtu.be/s77dyH4FW_0 

Abraham Anghik Ruben’s stone carving is part of the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s collection and was commissioned by Tannis M. Richardson. Carved from Indiana Limestone, the large sculpture features a family of bears, playfully climbing over one another. Watch this video to learn more about the sculpture and the artist: