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Parks Canada creates Inuktitut place names map

Some of the Auyuittuq National Park Place Names Project team members. Participants include the Pangnirtung and Qikiqtarjuaq Inuit Knowledge Working Groups for Auyuittuq National Park, additional community experts, interpreters, and Parks Canada staff. Back row, L to R: Maria Quqsuut, Maryse Mahy, Karen Routledge, Davidee Kooneeliusie, Billy Etooangat, Moe Nowdlak. Middle row, L to R: Martha Newkingnak, Meeka Newkingnak, Jukie Nookiguak, Manasa Evic, Levi Nutaralak, Kathy Kuniliusie. Front, L to R: Madeleine Qumuatuq, Markosie Audlakiak, Loasie Alikatuktuk. © Pasha Kooneeliusie

The Auyuittuq National Park Place Names map project started in 2014. Parks Canada held several workshops with the Inuit Knowledge Working Group for Auyuittuq National Park from 2015-2016. Parks Canada also conducted interviews and invited additional experts to meetings. A lot of the information gathering took place in Pangnirtung and Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut. As a result of these collaborations, a new Inuktitut place names map has now been created at Parks Canada.

Qaiqsualuk/Thor Peak, Akshayuk Pass, Auyuittuq National Park. Qaiqsualuk means “enormous bedrock”. © Parks Canada

Several of the names on the map, still known by Inuit today, were first recorded in the 1880s.

Parks Canada was also advised by the Inuit Heritage Trust and the Auyuittuq Joint Park Management Committee.

Auyuittuq National Park is in Baffin Island’s Cumberland Peninsula.