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Protecting Inuit art


In July, The Inuit Art Foundation (IAF) announced the transfer of the iconic Igloo Tag Trademark from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to the IAF. With its national mandate, the IAF is uniquely positioned to administer the trademark to further protect, promote and support Inuit art in Canada and internationally.

The internationally recognized trademark was created by INAC in 1958 and helps protect Inuit visual art from counterfeits. Inuit art bearing the Igloo tag trademark contributes about $3.5 million annually to the Inuit arts economy.

The North’s gold standard for art authentication will be renamed “Inuit art.” IAF will engage with Inuit organizations, communities and artists to ensure this important program continues to enhance and protect Inuit artists.

To learn more about the IAF’s plans for the Igloo Tag, visit: http://iglootag.inuitart foundation.org/.