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Report supports Inuit-led management of Pikialasorsuaq


Mary Simon, Minister Caroline Bennett’s Special representative, released her final report on the Pikialasorsuaq April 27.

She recommends that Canada accept the Pikialasorsuaq Commission’s recommendation for the creation of an Inuit-led management plan and monitoring process for the entire North Water Polynya and consider recognizing the region as an Indigenous Protected Area.

Eva Aariak, Canadian Pikialasorsuaq Commis­sioner says, “Inuit are a marine people dependent on the Arctic ocean for our transportation and its marine resources for our food security.”

The Pikialasorsuaq is vital to many migratory species upon which these communities, as well as global species, depend.

The hunters of all these communities shared their knowledge with the Commission. Recurring themes included: instability, unpredictability, changes in migration patterns, new species, open water where there should be ice, and political change.

The Pikialasorsuaq Commission’s goal is to provide a body of evidence, key principles and recommendations to make certain Inuit are central to the future of the Pikialasorsuaq and an Inuit vision of the management of the area is implemented.