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Repulse Bay gets new name

Naujaat. © Lori Tulugak

Repulse Bay will be celebrating in July when it officially becomes known as Naujaat, a traditional Inuktitut name meaning, “nesting place of seagulls”.

English sailor Christopher Middleton named the “Bay of repulse” in 1742 when he discovered it was a bay and not the entrance to the Northwest Passage like he had hoped. The official name change date of July 2 coincides with the hamlet’s original incorporation date and its annual hamlet day festivities.

Naujaat is home to historical sites such as the Naujan Thule Site, John Rae’s Stonehouse at Fort Hope on the North Pole river, Ship  Harbour Islands, and Ukkusiksalik National Park.

Repulse Bay is the 10th Nunavut community to officially change its community name to Inuktitut.