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Road to Tuk looks for support


An all-weather gravel road now joins Tuktoyaktuk, affectionately known as Tuk, to the rest of North America. After decades of planning, the final 138-km stretch of the Dempster Highway now allows year-round travel to Tuk by motorcycle, car, RV, truck or bicycle.

Cemil Alyanak, a Maryland-based filmmaker, and long-time adventure motorcyclist and ham radio operator, is raising funds with a GoFundMe campaign to print thousands of stickers he designed with the tagline ‘I made it to Tuk!’ that will then be donated to the Tuktoyaktuk Hamlet Council. Sales of the stickers to visitors will generate a net profit for the Hamlet and help fund responsible tourism in Tuktoyaktuk, as well as help fund much needed tourism-related facilities. http://gofundme.com/thankstuk

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