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UPCART strategy moves forward

George River Caribou. © Heiko Wittenborn

The Ungava Peninsula Caribou Aboriginal Round­table (UPCART) held their sixth meeting at Indian House Lake on George River in September. As a result, the UPCART significantly advanced its draft Management Strategy and is committed to adopting the Management Strategy by the end of the year.

The Management Strategy will set the foundation for the management of the George River and Leaf River caribou herds for this generation and the next. The UPCART recognizes the continued decline and critical status of the George River Caribou Herd and is considering all options to provide for food security while ensuring that the cultural and spiritual relationships with caribou are preserved and respected.

Mark Nui of the Innu Nation is the new co-chair who will be sharing his duties with current co-chair Adamie Delisle Alaku, executive vice president of Makivik Corporation.

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