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Yukon fishers: Take note of changes to regs


The latest edition of the Yukon Fishing Regulations Summary is now available on the Environment Yukon website. There are some important changes to the regulations this year so take note of them before heading out to fish.

Studies show depleted lake trout populations in Fox Lake, Frenchman and Twin Lakes. Recent studies of Kusawa Lake show a healthy lake trout population, but also early warning signs of the fishery tipping towards being unsustainable. New Conservation Water Regulations are intended to limit harvest to sustainable levels, protect large fish, and allow the populations to recover. In all these areas, anglers are requested to use barbless hooks, and will be required to do so in future.

Environment Yukon will continue to monitor harvest and fish populations in all these waters to understand how the populations change with revised regulations.

Printed copies of the booklet are available from Environment Yukon offices and anywhere fishing licences are sold. www.env.gov.yk.ca/hunting-fishing- trapping/fishingregulations.php