Come late May and into mid July, NWT residents who want to gain some fast cash may do just that during this season’s mushroom pick. In the wake of the worst fire season on record last year, NWT pickers and buyers stand to benefit from the devastation during this year’s morel mushroom harvest, expected to be one of the largest crops in history.

Pickers generally sell mushrooms on site at $10 a pound. However, there are opportunities to make more money because the territorial government is offering instruction on how to set up independent drying operations, allowing pickers to make twice as much selling their harvest online. Certain communities will also be able to make side money by providing services, like roadside gas, food and water to pickers and buyers.

Besides orientation seminars, the GNWT will distribute free morel picker’s handbooks and set up camps in the burn areas during picking season to offer training and assistance to local harvesters.

It is expected that as much as $100 million could be made off this summer’s mushroom pick in the NWT.