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Mineral strategy management support



Aurora Research Institute, the research division of Aurora College, has released a Western Arctic Minerals Geographic Information System (MGIS) to support Northern stakeholders in making informed decisions about mineral strategy management and land use planning.
The MGIS integrates geospatial data with the most up‐to‐date information on existing oil, gas and mineral rights, important wildlife areas and ranges to visualize, store, analyze and provide information critical to support the development of mineral strategies.
This data will complement academic programs and strengthen the GIS research program and the capacity to train and prepare northerners for careers in the earth resource and environmental management sectors.
The project was made possible with support from the Northwest Territories Geological Survey, GNWT Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Petroleum Resources Division, the NWT Center for Geomatics and financial support from Natural Resources Canada, Geo‐mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM II) Program.