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New kimberlites discovered


Arctic Star Exploration Corp. has made two new discoveries on the Diagras project in the Lac de Gras kimberlite field, 380 km north of Yellowknife. The first is the Birch Kimberlite. The second has been named the Sequoia Kimberlite and drilling confirms it is a large kimberlite complex. Indicator minerals, such as pyrope garnet, eclogitic garnet, clinopyroxene, and ilmenite, have been observed in the core. 

Other similar targets will also be tested and material from each discovery will be sent for caustic fusion to recover diamonds. Those kimberlites with the highest micro‐diamond counts will be retuned for further exploration. 

The Diagras project is a Joint Venture with Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc. and Arctic Star. Arctic Star is the manager and operator of the joint venture. Arctic Star has commissioned Aurora Geoscience as the operator of the Diagras drilling and geophysics program. 

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