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Test program helps determine content of mine



Commerce Resources Corp. has announced encouraging results from an XRF ore sorting test project initiative with MineSense, a digital mining solutions provider based in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

The MineSense technology is based primarily on XRF (X‐ray fluorescence) sensors fitted to specific pieces of existing mining equipment that monitor the spectral response of the material being mined to determine its composition. 

The test project assessed the spectral response of 127 coarse analytical drill core rejects, comprising five rock types associated with the Ashram Rare Earth and Fluorspar Deposit. The algorithmic modelling of responses obtained from each XRF and LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analyses were success ful in predicting the neodymium (Nd) content of the samples, among other elements. This is a significant result as it indicates that a shovel or belt mounted sensor could effectively estimate the Nd content of raw run‐of‐mine feed, allowing for real‐time grade‐control and more efficient and cost‐effective mining. 

The project was conducted as part of the Company’s ongoing collaboration with Canmet MINING, a branch of Natural Resources Canada for the rare earth element and chromite program, focused on developing new extraction technologies, addressing Canadian environmental challenges, and improving the knowledge of Canadian deposits.