Saturday, December 14, 2019

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Trudeau: Canada’s North—An extraordinary place to visit, live and invest

Guest Editorial by Justin P. J. Trudeau, M.P. for Papineau Leader of the Liberal Party of Canadau In January, with my eldest son Xavier by my...

Hubbard Point: excavating ancient Thule ruins

By Dr. Virginia Petch In 1997 while conducting a helicopter survey of archaeological sites along Manitoba’s coast north of Churchill, Dr. Virginia Petch discovered a...
Snowy Owls

A Snowy owl year

Breaking records By Dr. J.F. Therrien A genuine Arctic species, snowy owls have been part of the cultural identity of Inuit and northern communities for centuries,...
Arctic artifacts yukon Selwyn Mountain

Frozen finds in the Alpine

Artifacts of the caribou hunter By Todd Kristensen, Tom Andrews and Darryl Bereziuk The winds bode well for a small group of climbers high in the...
Nunavut Walrus on Islad Beach

Special: Wild About the North

Experienced photographers will tell you that the end of September is typically known as a precarious time of year for land and sea travel in the Arctic. Diminished daylight, erratic weather conditions combined with natural behavioural traits common to all animal species, can and often do frustrate one’s best attempts to get memorable wildlife shots. Michelle Valberg and Heiko Wittenborn share their experiences and photographs in this beautiful photo essay of Walruses, Polar Bears and Muskox.