Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tag: Polar Bear

Forty Below: Traditional Life in the Arctic

Text and photos by Bryan and Cherry Alexander Cold is synonymous with the Arctic, particularly during the winter months. In some areas, temperatures...

Pushing Pop Cans for Polar Bears

With polar bear conservation at the helm of their campaign, the WWF has teamed up with corporate giant and marketing engine Coca Cola to raise both awareness and funds for the initiative. Making an initial donation of $2 million dollars to the cause, the company is also printing white labels on 1.4 billion of its normally red soda cans.
Nunavut Walrus on Islad Beach

Special: Wild About the North

Experienced photographers will tell you that the end of September is typically known as a precarious time of year for land and sea travel in the Arctic. Diminished daylight, erratic weather conditions combined with natural behavioural traits common to all animal species, can and often do frustrate one’s best attempts to get memorable wildlife shots. Michelle Valberg and Heiko Wittenborn share their experiences and photographs in this beautiful photo essay of Walruses, Polar Bears and Muskox.