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Norway Encourages Arctic Dialogue


May/June 2011

Norway, as an active member of the eightnation Arctic Council, is working hard with international partners to demonstrate that northern issues are at the top of their own country’s foreign policy program. Focused on the imperilled circumpolar environment and the present and future challenges of climate change, Norway’s Arctic initiatives seek to take a leading role in the development of a healthy and sustainable social and economic future for all the peoples of the northern hemisphere.

Early April of this year (April 7), Norway’s Ambassador to Canada, Her Excellency, Else Berit Eikeland, delivered an impassioned message of engagement and hope for the future of the Arctic during her presentation to the acclaimed Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation at the prestigious Munk School of Global Affairs, in Toronto.

Noting that Norway and Canada have a shared Arctic heritage and a close and mutually beneficial relationship, Ambassador Berit Eikeland encouraged the need for an ongoing dialogue between all Arctic nations, circumpolar indigenous groups and stakeholders, while stressing the importance of a knowledge-based approach to finding avenues to responsible future northern development and sustainability in the face of a changing global environment.