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On the way to Resolution Island

Ben Ell’s Peterhead whaling boat.

Ben Ell was an Iqaluit MLA and one summer he decided to put his Peterhead boat in the water to go check out the PCB clean-up taking place at Resolution Island, a former American radar site at the mouth of Frobisher Bay.

Ben and his family didn’t rush their visit to the abandoned radar station; in the usual Inuit way, they hunted en route, encountering bears (we saw one climbing down a perpendicular cliff to get at birds’ eggs), watching fly-pasts of flocks of murres that almost darkened the sky when they flew near the boat, and took the chance to visit Ugaq Lake, requiring the carrying of a boat up over 100 feet to the place known for its enormous fish.

When we finally got to Resolution Island, we climbed the road, several kilometres long, to inspect the ex-radar site at the top, perched high on a precipiceoverlooking the bay. When we met those involved in the clean-up there, they were appalled to hear we had walked up all the way to the top of the cliff. Only that morning three bears had been encountered where we had wandered, unarmed, admiring the scenery!

Nick Newbery taught in several communities in Nunavut from 1976-2005.

The photos in this article are from Nick’s Arctic photo collection which can be found at www.newberyphotoarchives.ca and should be viewed from a historical perspective.

Nick passed away February 2020. We will continue to publish articles we have onfile from Nick, with his permission.

VIAText and photos by Nick Newbery
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