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The distribution of place names is indicative of the extent of land use across the expanse of the Inuit territory. Despite the changes they have experienced over the past decades, Inuit continually associate the “Land” with a reliance on subsistence hunting. In addition, the place names of their ancestors provide information and assistance to travellers on their journeys. Quiz yourself on the following place name questions.

1. In Inuktitut, which Canadian territory translates into “Our Land”? 

a) Nunavik b) Yukon c) Northwest Territory d) Nunavut 

2. What is the English translation of the NWT town of Inuvik, formerly a fur trading and whaling centre? 

a) “the place of man” b) “the place of narwhals” c) “the place of whale bones” d) “the place of furry critters” 

 3. Arviat, Nunavut, is an Inuit hamlet on the western shore of Hudson Bay. Its name is derived from the Inuktitut word “arviq” meaning what? 

a) “Snow Goose” b) “Bowhead Whale” c) “Loose Moose” d) “Goat’s Head Soup” 

4. What community in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut translates into “heel,” referring to a rocky outcrop in the inlet? 

a) Kimmirut b) Kinngait c) Kugluktuk d) Kugaaruk 

 5. Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, formerly known as Port Brabant, lies north of the Arctic Circle and its name means what? 

a) “place where roe grow” b) “resembling a caribou” c) “looks like a duck” d) “dances with wolves” 

 6. What Inuit hamlet’s name located in Foxe Basin, Nunavut, translates into “there is a house here”? 

a) Iqaluit b) Inuvik c) Inertia d) Igloolik 

7. Ivvavik National Park (Yukon) became the first national park to be created from an aboriginal land claim settlement. What is the English translation of its name? 

a) “new land” b) “birthplace” c) “homeland” d) “settlement” 

 8. What is the name of the National Park located on northwest Bathurst Island, Nunavut, and was established as Canada’s 45th National Park? Its name translates into: “place where the sun does not rise”. 

a) Qausuittuq b) Aulavik c) Nahanni d) Ummagumma 

9. Sirmilik National Park in Nunavut is situated within the Arctic Cordillera and was established in 1999. What does Sirmilik mean in the Inuktitut language? 

a) “the place of the mountains” b) “the place of moose” c) “the place of glaciers” d) “the place of wildlife” 

 10.The Itsanitaq Museum sign on the exterior of the Inuit Museum in Churchill, Manitoba was formerly named what prior to 2016? 

a) Canadian Arctic Museum b) Hudson Bay Cultural Museum c) Northern History & Culture Museum d) Eskimo Museum 


1. 1.d) Nunavut 
2. a) “Place of Man” 
3. b) “Bowhead Whale” 
4. a} Kimmirut 
5. b) “Resembling a Caribou” 
6. d) Igloolik 
7. b) “birthplace” 
8. a) Qausuittuq 
9. c) “Place of Glaciers” 
10. d) Eskimo Museum

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