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Giant polar bear and giant Inuit hunter. © Inhabit Media Inc.

Inuit mythology is a repository of Inuit culture, passed down by elders through the generations to enrich and enlighten. Ancient oral traditions were employed to convey and preserve the folklore, myths and legends often enhanced by song and dance. Supernatural spirits and creatures accompany many of the stories. Test your knowledge with the following polar Arctic trivia quiz. 

1. In one myth, a young girl is cast into the ocean where she becomes the keeper of all the sea mammals. Which one of the following was this legendary sea goddess not known as? 

a) Nuliayuk b) Taleelayuk c) Sedna d) Anunnaki 

2. Who is one of the most important mythological characters to have travelled over land as he overcame obstacles and successfully defeated the fearsome foes he encountered? 

Amaroq (wolf). Unikkaaqtuat © Inhabit Media Inc.

a) Kiviuq b) Kavgjagjuk c) Tupilaq d) Tizheruk 

3. Various supernatural beings are featured in many Inuit myths. What is the name of the demon that terrorizes the Arctic and tickles its victims to death? 

a) He he b) Tee hee c) Mahaha d) Hahaha 

 4. Considered a harbinger of death, Keelut is an evil spirit resembling what animal? 

a) Giant polar bear b) Tri-horned hare c) Long fanged caribou d) Hairless dog 

5. In Inuit mythology, what is an evil sea God associated with death and destruction known as? 

a) Aipaloovik b) Megoupchuk c) Tkachuk d) Muklok 

6. Match the mythological Inuit entity to their individual characteristic: 

a) Ijiraat b) Taqriaqsuit c) Qalupalik d) Inupasugjuk e) Tuniit 

Inuit Mythology.

A. Extremely strong Inuit ancestors B. Giants who capture human beings C. A scary, underwater monster who captures children who wander too close to the water D. Shadow people who are rarely seen but often heard E. Shape shifters that may change into any Arctic animal 

7. Several folk legends highlight a gigantic wolf who stalked and devoured any person who was foolish enough to hunt at night. What is the name of the legendary wolf? 

a) Alerik b) Amaroq c) Adlet d) Adlivun 

 8. In Inuit mythology, Agloolik is a spirit that lives underneath the ice and acts as a tutelary guardian for which animal to aid hunters and fishers? 

a) Whales b) Walruses c) Seals d) Narwhals 

9. In Inuit folklore, Akhlut is a very fierce animal and is depicted as what type of hybrid? 

a) Wolf-orca b) Wolf-seal c) Polar bear-orca d) Muskox- narwhal 

Legendary characters in novels. © Inhabit Media Inc.

10.What gifted individuals have the power to journey in trances and in dreams, visiting places that ordinary mortals would only experience in the afterlife? 

a) Tribal elders b) Native shamans c) Inuit hunters d) Nanuq 


1. d) Anunnaki 

2. a) Kiviuq 

3. c) Mahaha 

4. d) Hairless dog 

5. a) Aipaloovik 

6. a) E b) D c) C d) B e) A 

7. b) Amaroq 

8. c) Seals 

9. a) Wolf-orca 

10.b) Native shamans (aka angákut) 

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