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Apply your knowledge of the beloved Arctic with its abundance of human and natural resources that have increasingly beenassimilated into our Canadian conscience. Test your Arctic acuity with the following multiple-choice trivia questions.

1.Which one of the following does not describe a Canadian Territorial flag?

a) Their coat of arms overlays a blue cross
b) Their coat of arms has blue bars flanking it
c) A red inuksuk and a blue star
d) Tri-coloured, with their coat of arms in the centre

2. What bird is the territorial symbol of Nunavut?

a) Snowy Owl
b) Rock Ptarmigan
c) Falcon
d) Raven

3. What mineral is the territorial symbol of the Yukon?

a) Gold
b) Silver
c) Lazulite
d) Magnitite

4. What fish is the territorial symbol of the Northwest Territories?

a) Sockeye Salmon
b) Longnose Sucker
c) Arctic Char
d) Arctic Grayling

5. The Old Log Church Museum, which exhibits the history and culture of local missionaries, explorers, whalers and Yukon FirstNations, is situated in which city/town? (Hint: It is also home to the impressive cultural and historical MacBride Museum.)

a) Clinton Creek
b) Dawson City
c) Carmacks
d) Whitehorse

6. What is the name of the northern region of Quebec which means “great land” in the local dialect, Inuktitut?

a) Nunadat
b) Nunavut
c) Nunavik
d) Nunadis

7. What lake is the largest in the Territories and the deepest in North America?

a) Great Bear Lake
b) Great Slave Lake
c) Kluane Lake
d) Nettilling Lake

8. Which prominent Yukon personality does not have a bronze bust of their likeness erected?

a) Sam Steele
b) Robert Service
c) Jack London
d) Klondike Kate

9. The Inuit god, Agloolik, is a good spirit that lives under the ice and helps with hunting and fishing. Who is the Inuit god who liveson land and controls the movements of the whales?

a) Aumanil
b) Aukaneck
c) Anguta
d) Aningan

10. Yukon Gold, follows four gold mining crews in search of finding riches within a four- month period. How many seasons did this “Arctic” reality TV show run?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5


  1. a) Flag of Nova Scotia; b) NT; c) NU; d) YT
  2. b) Rock Ptarmigan
  3. c) Lazulite
  4. d) Arctic Grayling
  5. d) Whitehorse, YT
  6. c) Nunavik
  7. b) Great Slave Lake, NT
  8. d) Klondike Kate
  9. a) Aumanil
  10. d) 5 (2013-2017)
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