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The Arctic has been the subject of myriad feature films and cinematic backdrops for movie makers over the years. Test your knowledge of these Arctic-oriented motion pictures and actors and authors thereof. 

1. A government researcher (Charles Martin Smith) is sent to the Arctic to examine the wolf “menace” and learns about the beneficial nature of the species. Never Cry Wolf (1983) is a survivalist film based on a novel by which author? 

a) Jack London b) Pierre Berton c) Margaret Atwood d) Farley Mowat 

2. Based on an adventure novel by Jack London, The Call of the Wild, features a sled dog named Buck during the Klondike Gold Rush. Harrison Ford stars in the 2020 remake. Clark Gable starred in the 1935 film version while which actor starred in the 1972 production?

a) William Holden b) Burt Lancaster c) Charlton Heston d) Kirk Douglas 

3. A pair of vaudevillian flops (Bob Hope and Bing Crosby) pose as a couple of bad guys and join the Klondike Gold Rush with a saloon singer (Dorothy Lamour) in Road to Utopia (1946). What release number was this “Road picture” in a series of seven (over a 22‐year period)? 

a) 1st b) 4th c) 5th d) 7th 

4. A silent documentary follows the lifestyle of an Inuk man and his family in the Canadian Arctic (Ungava Peninsula of northern Quebec). In what year of the silent film era (mid‐1890s – late 1920s) was Nanook of the North released? 

a) 1901 c) 1915 b) 1908 d) 1922 

5. Ice Station Zebra (1968) was a Cold War era suspense and espionage feature film. Who starred as Commander James Ferraday, a captain of an American nuclear attack submarine in the Arctic Ocean? 

a) Rock Hudson b) Robert Mitchum c) Richard Widmark d) Glenn Ford 

6. Miami dentist, Ted Brooks, travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance. He receives his mother’s property along with her pack of rowdy sled dogs. He decides to keep them and race in the local Arctic Challenge dog sled competition. Who played Ted in the comedy‐adventure film, Snow Dogs (2002)? 

a) Ed Begley Jr. b) Cuba Gooding Jr. c) Robin Williams d) Graham Greene 

7. In the Canadian American co‐production of The White Dawn (1974), which one of the actors did not co‐star as a stranded whaler in Canada’s Arctic in 1896? 

a) Warren Oates b) Timothy Bottoms c) Louis Gossett Jr. d) Jeff Bridges 

8. A man stranded in the Arctic must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a trek through the unknown. Where was this survival drama, Arctic (2019) filmed? 

a) Greenland b) Iceland c) Nunavut d) Northwest Territories 

9. Ordeal in the Arctic is a tv movie based on a true story. Blizzard‐like conditions near Alert, Nunavut, hamper the rescue of survivors. Who played Captain John Couch in this 1993 Canadian production? 

a) Brendan Fraser b) Richard Chamberlain c) Jeff Fahey d) Ed Harris 

10. A Canadian bush pilot’s life is changed when he encounters a young Inuit woman and their challenge to survive on the Northwest Territories tundra. What actor wrote and directed The Snow Walker (2003)? 

a) Lou Diamond Phillips c) Charles Martin Smith b) Tommy Lee Jones d) Daniel Day Lewis 


  1. d) Farley Mowat 
  2. c) Charlton Heston 
  3. b) 4th film 
  4. d) 1922 
  5. a) Rock Hudson 
  6. b) Cuba Gooding Jr. 
  7. d) Jeff Bridges 
  8. b) Iceland 
  9. b) Richard Chamberlain 
  10. c) Charles Martin Smith 
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