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Aboriginal Canadians such as the Inuit, survive on a vast array of resources including assorted seafoods and land mammals. Quiz yourself on their culinary creations, preferences, and dietary benefits.

1. Walrus (Aiviq) totem represents calmness and love. The carcass (100 grams = 282 calories) contains some protein and is fibre‐free and salt‐free. Which vitamin does it NOT contain? 

a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin B‐1 c) Vitamin B‐2 d) Vitamin C 

2. What land fowl is popular in Inuit cuisine especially during the winter months? 

a) Quail b) Ptarmigan c) Arctic Tern d) Snow Goose 

3. What type of Native American food is bannock? 

a) seafood b) fowl c) bread d) venison 

4. Providing the third largest berry harvest in the Arctic regions; what is the name of this hardy, circumpolar fruit? 

a) Crowberry b) Cranberry c) Hawthorn d) Halleberr 

5. Ringed seal is an abundant sea mammal (and popular food source for polar bears as well as a staple for the Inuit community. What is the Inuit name given to this mammal? 

a) kuspuk b) netsik c) mukluk d) nunchuk 

6. Arctic berries are an important source of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Which one is NOT an edible Arctic berry? 

a) Bilberry b) Cloudberry c) Lingonberry d) Rowanberry e) Boysenberry f) Elderberry 

7. What is the moniker the Inuit give to their traditional cuisine? 

a) Nature Food b) Country Food c) Source Food d) Non‐Fast Food 

8. Generally, Arctic hare meat is too lean for the regular Inuit diet. What is their estimated percentage of calories derived from animal fat? 

a) 10 per cent b) 25 per cent c) 50 per cent d) 75 per cent 

9. Match the food source to its Inuit name: 

a) berries mixed with fat b) frozen raw fish c) traditional soup created from land and sea mammals d) ringed seal e) whale skin blubber 

A. Maktaaq B. Netsik C. Suaasat D. Nutaqaq E. Akutaq 

10.What vitamin is obtained by the raw or frozen consumption of food sources such as caribou liver, seal brain, and kelp? 

a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin B c) Vitamin C d) Vitamin D 


1. d) Vitamin C 

2. b) Ptarmigan 

3. c) bread 

4. a) Crowberry (aka Curlewberry) 

5. b) netsik 

6. e) Boysenberry 

7. b) Country Food 

8. c) 50 per cent 

9. a) E b) D c) C d) B {aka Nattiq} e) A {aka Muktuk} 

10.c) Vitamin C 

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