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Myriad stellar Inuit musicians have attained both national and international acclaim. Test your knowledge of Canadian Arctic music and musicians with these multiple-choice questions. 

1. Traditional Inuit music has been based on drums used in dance music for eons. The Inuit vocal style known as “Katajjaq” pertains to what? 

a) “Inuk shaking” b) “throat singing” c) “ritual chanting” d) “knee slapping” 

2. David Serkook, an Inuit Elder, teacher, and drum dancer is a native of Nunavut. He is known for which one of the following accomplishments? 

a) Being a best‐selling author of Inuit music and culture b) Launching the Aboriginal Pavilion during the Vancouver Winter Olympics c) Winner of the Arctic Drum Dancing Marathon d) Managing an Arctic Cultural centre complex 

3. Jaaji is an Inuit lead vocalist and songwriter of the Twin Flames. What does his name translate into in English? 

a) Jason b) Martin c) George d) David 

4. Tanya Tagaq performs the ancient art of Inuit throat singing and hails from which Arctic Territory/Region? 

a) Yukon b) Northwest Territory c) Nunavut d) Nunavik 

5. Kelly Fraser was the Canadian pop artist who gained attention for an Inuit‐language cover of “Diamonds” performed by what popular singer? 

a) Beyonce b) Rihanna c) Katy Perry d) Taylor Swift 

6. Born to an Inuk mother, singer‐songwriter Elisapie Isaac, sounded what duo which was awarded a Juno for “Best Native Album” in 2004? 

a) Taima b) Tamron c) Tivo d) Tantrum 

7. Dene‐Canadian singer and songwriter, Leela Gilday won Aboriginal Recording of the Year in 2007. In what Arctic community was she born and bred? 

a) Arviat, Nunavut b) Yellowknife, NT c) Whitehorse, YT d) Akulvik, Nunavik 

 8. Who is the Igloolik, Nunavut, resident who toured the globe with the only Inuit circus troupe, ARTCIRQ as a musician, actor and juggler? 

a) Dale Hawerchuk b) Nanouk Nanook c) Terry Uyarak d) Terry Sawchuk 

9. Riit is the stage name for a female Canadian Inuk musician and TV personality from Nunavut. Rita Claire‐Mike‐Murphy won the Emerging Talent Award in 2019 for her work on “Anaana’s Tent” which is what? 

a) Regional Inuit stage play b) Publicly owned radio program c) Musical Inuit tour group d) Children’s TV series [APTN] 

10.Multi‐Juno Award winner and nominee, Susan Aglukark received Canadian certification for a triple platinum album, which was entitled what? 

a) This Child (1995) b) Unsung Heroes (1999) c) Big Feeling (2003) d) White Sahara (2011) 


1. b) “throat singing” 

2. b) launching the Aboriginal Pavilion during the Vancouver Olympics 

3. c) George 

4. c) Nunavut 

5. b) Rihanna 

6. a) Taima 

7. b) Yellowknife, NT 

8. c) Terry Uyarak 

9. d) Children’s TV series (APTN) 

10. a) This Child (1995) 

VIAAlan G. Luke
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